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“Once they can identify their own emotion, they’re better able to develop those self regulation skills to control their own emotions and then take the next step to understand the emotions of others.”Ravi Rao, a pediatric neurosurgeon turnedchildren’s show host, believes parents should teach feelings as much as they teach things like colors and numbers.”You’ll see parents walking through the park and taking every opportunity to ask, ‘What color is that man’s jacket?’ ‘What color is the bus?’ ‘How many trees are there?'” he explained. “You can also practice emotion by saying things like, ‘Do you see the woman over there? Does she look happy or does she look sad?'”Rao also recommends playing a “guess what I’m feeling” game at home by making happy or sad faces and asking your children to identify the emotion. “You just get their brains in the habit of noticing the signals on other people’s faces.”Once kids have a better sense of emotions and how things make them feel, you can ask them about the emotional perspectives of others.

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