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A school of higher education can offer uniform Master degree studies, higher vocational studies as well as supplementary Master degree studies. It can also offer postgraduate courses, PhD studies, as well as special studies and courses.
Under the new legislation non-state higher education institutions were established. In the academic year 2002/2003 there were 395 higher education institutions (including the military, internal affairs and church establishments), of which 125 were state and 270 were non-state institutions.
Upper Secondary Education: the age of pupils in upper secondary education is between 16 and 18/19/20 years. The upper secondary education is not divided into cycles.
Lower Secondary Education: Gymnasium offers 3-years of full-time general lower secondary education for pupils who completed the reformed 6-year primary school. It is compulsory for all pupils. The gymnasium is targeted at pupils aged 13 to 16 and is considered the last stage (Stage 3) of general compulsory education.
In the framework of the education system reform in 1999 three-year gymnasia were established as a first (lower) level of the secondary school. Since 2002 upper secondary schools have been operational.