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The College tags great importance and priority to the promotion of educational cooperation and exchanges with other institutions of higher learning. As a result, it has formed a number of academic alliances and has signed academic agreements with institutions in the US, UK and Canada. This implies that Cyprus students can transfer abroad at any time during the course of their undergraduate studies for completing their Bachelor Degree without losing the credits they earn here. Low Costs: Costs are comparatively lower than that in the USA and the UK. Visa Guarantee: Entry visas are issued in advance, so getting a visa is a not a problem as far as studying in Cyprus is concerned. Competitive European Standard of Education: The level of education and infrastructure facilities matches those on offer in the UK. Safe, eco-friendly environment and friendly atmosphere: Communal and political disturbances are non-existent here and hence Cyprus offers international students a safe environment for learning and flourishing. Attractive Places to Visit: Cyprus offers archaeological sites, resorts and exotic sea beaches that students can visit. International Community: So, if you also want to be a part of Cyprus education system, sign up with our Cyprus study visa consultants.