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canada goose store Daniel Sturridge backed for England recall as Virgil van Dijk hails “world class” Liverpool strikerSturridge scored a stunning equaliser for the Reds in Saturday’s draw with ChelseaVan Dijk said: “Of course (he is good enough), come on. I don’t think there should be any doubt.”But it’s all about the manager, he made the choices, but I know what he’s capable of, how good he can be and when he’s at his best, by playing against him and seeing him in training with the hard work that he puts canada goose outlet in usa in and the positivity that he brings as well.”But it’s the manager’s (Southgate) choice and canada goose outlet toronto factory I hope for the best for him.”Before I arrived at Liverpool, I said he is one of the best strikers in the league and he has showed it, he shows it when he’s fit how good he can be, he’s working hard.Jurgen Klopp backs Mo Salah to silence critics despite stuttering start to season”He showed it also the other night (against Chelsea in the Carabao Cup) when he hit the crossbar canada goose outlet black friday and is capable of doing it. I’m canada goose outlet jackets very happy for him as well.”We have a great squad, world class players and he’s one of them canada goose store.