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Expect Blowback from Conservatives

canada goose This morning, in a tasteless display of xenophobia, the hosts of FOX Friends First Steve Doocy, Alisyn Camerota and Brian Kilmeade dropped all pretense of being “fair and balanced” and went on a tear against the huge pro immigration marches planned for canada goose outlet belgium May 1st. Their anti immigrant repartee left much to be desired (as you can see from the following transcript). If you canada goose outlet toronto location read carefully, you will see a lot of anti immigrant “code” words being bandied about as canada goose outlet price well as threats canada goose outlet edmonton of economic counteraction canada goose

BRIAN KILMEADE: You know, my birthday’s in May and every May 1st my birthday’s overshadowed canada goose sale uk by what my family always says is a salute to Communist workers. Every May 1st is May Day in my family and in my neighborhood and we salute all the Communists who continue to work. But now, this day on (sic) this year we’ll have a different theme across this canada goose shop uk country perhaps.

buy canada goose jacket cheap STEVE DOOCY: That’s right. Remember just a couple of weeks ago you saw canada goose outlet store near me those massive demonstrations with immigrants, both legal canada goose outlet store uk and illegal, out in the west, here in the east. Well now, it looks as if the organizers on Monday, on May Day, are planning such enormous demonstrations they the organizers are saying “We are going to close down close down! Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Tucson, Phoenix, Fresno and other spots” and ya’ gotta figure they want to make a statement that “there are a lot of us and we are not invisible.” But they bet you know what? They just better be ready for some backlash. buy canada goose jacket cheap

ALISYN CAMEROTA: Well, I’ll tell ya’ so far in terms of politics, it hasn’t been backlash. It’s been an actual endorsement. The California State Senate has approved this. They’ve approved a.

Canada Goose online KILMEADE: They’ve approved a boycott!! Canada Goose online

Canada Goose sale CAMEROTA: Yes! They’ve approved the resolution and they’re gonna actually call this “The Great American Boycott of 2006.” And the State Senators say that they believe that this is actually an effort and it should actually be successful to show America just how valuable immigrants are. So the state politicians are behind this and are endorsing canada goose outlet it! Canada Goose sale

KILMEADE: A half million people marched in Los Angeles they plan on marching around four o’clock. It turns canada goose stockists uk out that’s when a lot of people want to get home and want to get finish up their canada goose discount uk days (sic), their deliveries or whatever they have to do. In New York canada goose jacket outlet by the way Majority Leader Gloria canada goose outlet online uk Romero is the canada goose outlet kokemuksia one leading this and proud of this with a 24 13 vote over in Los Angeles, in southern California, where they expect seven major cities to have relatively massive displays. And this is a little surprising because we have been reporting that Hispanic leaders are cautioning everyone there could be some blowback, some backlash, if we go through with this.

canada goose clearance (For the past week FOX Friends has been dissing the idea of these marches, citing unnamed Hispanic leaders who allegedly fear that the marchers could do themselves more harm than good by leaving their offices and schools and taking to the streets. Kilmeade seemed genuinely surprised that the propaganda didn’t work. Did he really believe that millions of people were going to do a complete about face just because of FOX News’ scare tactics?) canada goose clearance

canada goose coats on sale KILMEADE: I thought E. D. [Hill] had the best point yesterday. So if they are actually going to not work these illegal immigrants and immigrants or Hispanics who want to show their strength, do they also promise not to use their food stamps? Do they also promise to not seek any medical attention? Do they also promise not to get any emergency auto insurance? All those things that they are getting will they not go into the system for that? Let’s see. canada goose coats on sale

DOOCY: What are you? Nuts? Of course they’re gonna do all that stuff because they are now, unfortunately to some, part of, part of the system. Now, in addition to the fact that the California State Senate endorsed this resolution supporting the boycott, get this! A delegation of Mexican legislators, people from the government of Mexico, are going to be in Los Angeles and are going to be meeting with the mayor of that town to show their support, that Mexico really thinks that this whole immigration thing is a, is a good idea. On the website HumanEventsOnline, a columnist by the name of Mac Johnson has come up with an idea. He said, you know, because so many people are encouraging you not to buy anything, not canada goose outlet us go to work, not to go to school on Monday, May 1st.

KILMEADE (sotto voce): This is great.

cheap Canada Goose DOOCY:. he has a suggestion and he calls May 1st “Conservative Shopping Day” he says that everybody else, who’s not taking part in it just to counterbalance the illegals and immigrants who are taking the day off and not buying anything go out and buy a bunch of stuff! He’s got a five point plan. Number one: Buy, buy, buy! Number Two: Notice which businesses are working. For instance, if a business is not working because all the employees are off that day, that’s because that business employs illegal aliens. That’s not a good thing. Also he says tell your friends, tell your Congressmen how much you enjoyed working a day without canada goose outlet toronto illegals. cheap Canada Goose

canada goose store Buy, buy, buy. Make your regular purchases for the week or month, but make them all on May 1. Nobody needs to go broke, just to buy on one particular day. If you’ve been putting off a purchase, put it off no more. Besides, you know the clerks will all speak English if you shop on May 1. No more painful pantomime just to find out where the paper towels are. canada goose store

canadian goose jacket Eat out. Contrary to pro amnesty propaganda, most food service workers are American citizens but these workers do suffer much more from illegal labor wage competition than most. Get out and treat yourself to a nice meal one that serves up a big steamy bowl of justice for a change. canadian goose jacket

Take notice of which businesses can still function. These are the ones playing by the rules and deserve long term support. Come back again and again. Avoid those that mysteriously close or are obviously understaffed.

canada goose coats Tell your friends. Send them this canada goose outlet reviews message or make up you own. Call it whatever you want and credit whomever you wish. All that matters is that people get out and shop. canada goose coats

Tell your congressman how much you enjoyed a day canada goose outlet uk sale without illegal aliens. Write or call; it is one of the greatest powers you have. Elected officials figure that if you care enough to call on an issue, you care enough to vote on it. You can e mail your senators and your congressman. And you can also call your senators and your congrerssman. (Don’t you just love Johnson’s use of the word “congressman” when there are 70 women serving in the House of Representatives?)

In addition, Mr. Johnson has some other things to say in his column:

“May 1 is going to be “A Day Without Illegal Aliens.”

canada goose black friday sale “This is supposed to frighten you. canada goose black friday sale

buy canada goose jacket “Why? Because you are an American weak, pampered, spoiled and allegedly incapable of taking care of yourself. You need the illegal alien servant class just to survive. buy canada goose jacket

Canada Goose Jackets “Those who canada goose outlet new york want amnesty for immigration criminals illegal aliens, pandering politicians, ethnic grievance agitators and the politically correct media have swallowed their own propaganda and believe that the American economy is totally dependent for its greatness on unskilled illegal labor and the corrupt canada goose outlet toronto factory underground economy it fosters. Canada Goose Jackets

Canada Goose Parka “So on May 1, the ridiculous, old socialist “workers’ holiday” known overseas as “May Day,” they intend to punish the American people, and intimidate Congress into passing a “guest worker” amnesty, by marching in the streets, boycotting American stores, and shutting down the corrupt businesses that have illegally employed them.” Canada Goose Parka

canada goose deals In Mexico and to Catholics everywhere, May Day is the annual celebration of the Coronation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It never occurred to Mr. Johnson or to Brian Kilmeade to inform their audiences that Catholic Hispanic groups celebrate it as a religious holy day each year. canada goose deals

Canada Goose Outlet As for the ultra right wing magazine Human Events, it was first published in 1944. Today, it is part of a line of conservative publications put out by Eagle Publishing Inc. that includes Regnery Books. Regnery is the former publisher of the writings of Robert Welch and the John Birch Society. Gordon Liddy, David Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin. Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney, Richard Miniter, Oliver North, John O’Neil, Mitt Romney, Bill Sammon, Kenneth Timmerman, Gen. Paul Vallely and Congressman Curt Weldon, among others Canada Goose Outlet.