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Are you dreaming to study at the country of your choice, but confused
about the process and criteria ? Our mission is to assist you end to end, helping you land up in the University and Country of your choice.

Students prefer to study abroad in their dream cities, especially 
higher education. There are many advantages to studying abroad
for higher degrees like masters or doctorate courses. Abroad studies
will help students have a strong academic profile and further enrich
their personalities. It will help in getting great job offers.

Consult the Top Immigration Consultants to Study at
the country of your choice.

About Us

We Are expert "study-abroad consultants"

The Organisation was set up with the point of helping students willing to study abroad for their advanced studies. We at Education Abroad Consultants are a reliable and fast growing immigration consultancy service in India

We offer world’s best immigration services at a very affordable nature of service cost. We try to continuously optimize our procedures to reduce the total time taken for applicant’s paperwork, making the experience as smooth as possible.

If you are planning for abroad studies, you need a good immigration consultant. The major role in coordinating with the student and the opted university for a secure education process.

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Jatinder Singh, Education Abroad Consultants

Education abroad

Message from director

Realizing a dream is difficult when dealt with alone – But with the right support and company, you can always fly high towards your dreams.

Our single most, important mission at Education Abroad Consultants is to provide you the right support and get your dream turn into a succeeding reality. 

Signature by Jatinder Singh


1. University Consultancy

We are connected with the top 
universities in Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, Singapore, Germany, France, Switzerland, Cyprus and Poland

2. Student Visa Services

We make sure that you get the Visa clearance for the country you apply for – We are constantly keeping an update of the newest rules and regulations for all countries.

3. Tourist / Visitor Visa

B-1/B-2 visitor visa services for people travelling to United States. B-1 is for temporary business visa and B-2 is for temporary tourism and sightseeing in the country.

4. Permanent Residence/Guidance

Providing PR services to people willing to migrate from India to abroad, providing complete consultation and associated services.

5. University admissions

Providing admissions to students in universities of Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, Singapore, 
Germany, France, Switzerland,

6. Other Services

Open to provide services related
to clearance, paperwork, applications.
If you’re having any issues, you can
reach us directly.

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Study without IELTS

Study in Schengan with Min. 10th Passing - No IELTS required.

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Our objective has always been to reduce the hassle and provide the best possible education consultancy services to make your dream of studying abroad come true.

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