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We help realize dreams to study abroad

The Organisation was set up with the point of helping the students who wish to study abroad for their advanced studies. We at Education Abroad are a reliable and fast growing immigration Consultancy Service in India.

We offer the world’s best immigration services and yet very affordable in terms of service cost. We constantly try to improve on our processes and procedures to optimise the time taken for each applicant’s paperwork and to make the experience as stress-free as possible.

Our vision is to be the leader in the field of immigration. The main objective of our company is to be dedicated and friendly in helping our clients to provide them our best services.

The abroad education consultant will also assure you about the education loans and the process of availing them. Hence, consulting an immigration consultant is necessary for an abroad study.  

Selection of the right university is another challenging task, but the immigration consultancy will help you to recognize the best one for an excellent education. The consultant will help the student to make a final decision on the university selection. After this, the expert will help fill up the university’s admission form and assist in ready all the necessary documents.

Company Mission

Our company mission is to provide the most transparent,and honest,efficient services for prospective students and each team member of our company is strive towards that goal.Our all member are well experienced. All members are self motivated and self inspired. Our team has the knowledge, Experience, honesty and integrity to help you successfully apply for canada, Australia, New Zealand, US, UK, to establish your career abroad.

The consultant will evaluate the student’s profile and understand it. The consultant will suggest the best suitable programs for their career by looking at the profile. Further, the expert consultant will help you find out the best universities worldwide for suitable programs. The best immigration consultants in Mohali provide students with a wide number of options of universities to study abroad.

Services we offer

We offer a plethora of services that define our primary purpose of helping people realize their dreams of flying abroad. Be it for the purpose of education, business or permanent residence, we’ve got all your requirements covered.