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Poland (Polish: Polska), is a large country in Central Europe. It has a long Baltic Sea coastline and is bordered by Belarus, the Czech Republic, Germany, Lithuania, Russia (Kaliningrad Oblast), Slovakia, and Ukraine.

With a highly refined , top notch education system, Poland globally ranks among the best places for international education. With minimal living costs and a liberal work allowance, life in Poland is pretty rich and colorful for the International students.

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Why Do You Need An Education Consultant For Abroad Studies?

An education consultant’s job is to place the student at the right place concerning their previous education details. They play an effective role in assisting and helping students in the immigration process. Students must approach an education immigrant consultant before planning. 

The student visa in Poland also needs necessary paperwork as per the country’s regulations. The education consultant will shortlist the number of required documents. They will also help assemble the documents and take care of all the financial processes.

Study in Poland

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Primary information

There are 2 divisions in Education when it comes to studying in Poland : Primary and Secondary. Primary Education offers bachelor’s level courses ranging between 2-5 years. Secondary education offers courses that are considered to be Master’s Equivalent, including PHDs and Doctrate desgrees.

  • Average annual rainfall: 600 mm.
  • In the South 19°C on the coast 16.5°C
  • July: In the mountains (South) – 7°C
  • North-East from – 4,5°C to – 5,5°C
    on the coast and
  • The West from 0 to -1°C
  • January
    Average temperatures:
    Continental; Moderate, Changeable weather.

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